P.O.Box 705 Bruma 2026
Republic of South Africa

Executive Management and Directors of FAAJO

fa-dos-santos-costaFilipe André Costa


B.Com Economics (UJ), B.Com (Hons) Econometrics (UJ), MSc. Economics (NOVA)

Filipe is the co-founder and director of FAAJO Property Development. His key responsibilities include strategic planning, capital raising, acquisitions, lease negotiations and financial structuring.

Filipe is a qualified economist with a keen eye for fast-track projects that rely on cost engineering and workshopped construction solutions.

While starting FAAJO, Filipe heads up the data analytics team for the Financial Shared Services unit at Standard Bank. In 2015, he was awarded the Standard Bank Top 10 Most Innovative Ideas Award for Customer Experience. In the same year, Filipe was awarded the Standard Bank Mark of Excellence Award for one of the best performing employees at the bank.

aj-dos-santos-costa-blueAntónio José Costa


B.Com Economics (UJ), B.Com (Hons) International Trade (UJ)

António is the co-founder and director of FAAJO Property Developers. His key responsibilities not only include the strategic overview but also oversees the operational functions of the company.

António is a qualified economist where he closely manages the capital structure for new developments and ensures that the most cost-efficient construction methods are used.

While starting FAAJO, Antonio combines his formal qualifications with strong analytical ideas and sound managerial skills to continuously improve the foreign payments process in the Accounts Payable unit at Standard Bank.